Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not excatly as we planned it

We have been planning for over a month to take the family camping (yes including Caleb). The kids were pumped to say the least, Michael got everything packed and we headed out Friday afternoon. We went to Big Hill Pond state park and planned on staying Friday and Saturday night. It was packed when we got there but there was a spot open next to the boy scout camp site and it was perfect. We got everything unloaded and played, relaxed and went hiking, it was wonderful. I loved having no phone service, no TV, no Internet.

We decided to take picture of ourselves experiencing different situations. Here we are surprised

Making someone laugh

Just smelled something horrible...

After that we went hiking. Michael and I think we did about 2 miles. Savannah is incredible, if we would let her she would and could run the whole thing. Hands down she can run longer than I can.

We were on the board walk, it goes over the swamp and leads to the fire tower, pretty cool. This guy was sad that I made him stop to take his pic

This is how the hike ended. Caleb was over it and Cohen's legs didn't want to work. Good thing they've got a strong daddy

We came back ate hamburgers, smores, played with sparklers. Then just before we hit the hay, in rolled a group of college kids. It was bad, like crazy drunk party bad. Savvy and Cohen slept through it, Caleb woke up twice and we went to bed around 3. They were very apologetic in the morning, i think after getting nasty stares from everyone who camped within 20 miles from them. But in the morning Cohen had a fever, so we packed up and headed home. We still had an amazing time and baby monkey just, like the other two love camping.
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  1. Love the ones of you and Savvy!!! Too funny!

  2. Love it!!! What great memories! (minus the annoying college group) ;)