Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on us!

We have been one busy family! We have been doing very well, still missing Drake but healing. The family went to Nashville last week and had a blast. Michael and I love traveling and it seems that it has rubbed off on the kids. They always do so well and I LOVE having them around. I was supposed to go to the Dr. today but got a call that she has to go to surgery:0( I will go next week and have an ultrasound and will post the pics! This pregnancy has been wonderful! I haven't been sick but I have to eat every two hours or I do start to feel woozy. This is the first pregnancy where I have been concerned for my weight, but apparently not enough to stop eating cookies.
I have ton's of pics to post of what we have been up too, I will try to get them up this week.

And side note: I bought Savvy chutes and ladders for Easter and she and Cohen LOVE it! It is a really fun game and easy for them to play along.....Go buy games or come play with us (I'm such a game night sucker)


  1. Im glad your pregnancy is going well. Im such a sucker for game night as well.

  2. I can't believe you're having another "Little Turkey." :)