Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Memphis livin

Our first month back home was a whirlwind.  Moving across the country, buying a home, unpacking, renovating and lets just throw in 4 kids... it's been cRaZy!  Michael texted me one night when he was driving to Memphis and asked how it was going.  I sent this picture and it captures how we were doing to a T
We've survived and most things have settled down now.  Savvy and Cohen have handled the transition like all-stars.  They are loving their new school and really really loving being back with grandparents 
 Caleb had a harder time.  He still doesn't fully understand what "Memphis" is.  He cried the first couple of nights because he wanted his bed and just couldn't comprehend what was happening.  He has lived in Washington longer than Tennessee but I wasn't expecting him to struggle with the move.  He is doing much better now but still talks about our friends in WW a lot :(
                         Our old friendships have picked up right where they left off
                          Caleb's made some girlfriends :)  He loves to hold hands
                             And I got a much appreciated girls night out :)

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