Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Savannah, Cohen, Caleb and Norah,
                       My main reason I try to keep a blog is for you (actually the main reason I do most things is for you).  I hope that in 15-20 years you can look back at this glimpse of our lives and it rekindles memories and brings laughter.  I imagine one question you will have as you grow is "why the heck did we live in Walla Walla for 2 years?" So I'm going to write it down here, because I can hardly remember anything now and in 10 years I will probably be asking "why did we move to Walla Walla :)   When Savannah was around 2 daddy and I went out to eat and one of us mentioned how neat it would be to live in another country while you guys were young, to see a different part of the world, for you to experience a different culture, and right then and there we decided we were going to start looking for some international jobs.  He applied everywhere, Africa, Germany, Australia, you name it we tried.  Then 3 years later, and a new job at the Corp, and a Caleb, and after every single door being shut we thought maybe God was telling us we needed to stay in Memphis.  In October of 2011 we decided that if nothing happened by January 1st then we should stay put.  So he kept on applying and then we got and accepted an offer to Walla Walla December 1st :)
       I had never even heard of this town.  We were so excited and terrified and kept telling each other this is going to be such an adventure and even if it ended up a horrific adventure at least we would be together.  It has been far from horrific, actually it has been even better than I could have imagined.  We have learned so much and you have learned so much.  We have made lifelong friends and memories and fallen in love with the northwest.  But one lesson that has been made clear to me is that you don't have to move across the country for an adventure :)  Don't get me wrong, moving across the country is an adventure but you have the choice to have an adventure every. single. day right where you are.  Waiting an hour to get my oil changed... adventure, 3 hour plane delays... adventure, up to my eyeballs in laundry... adventure.  Our happiness and attitude is totally up to us, regardless of circumstances we choose.  And I choose life and love and pray you do too.   Its hard, life is hard and there are times I've wanted to throw in the towel or I've failed you or things just aren't fair.  BUT there is hope, for me, dad, you but again you have to choose.  Most of life is out of our control but in Jesus there is life, love and hope and saying yes to him your life will be changed and will change the lives of people who are around you.
     Each one of you are so crazy precious to your dad and I.  I pray you know you're worth and who it is rooted in then choose to go live your adventures.  I love you forever and always

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. I love reading about your "adventures!"