Saturday, January 28, 2012

Live and learn

I respect the snow. I. RESPECT. THE. SNOW.
There is a snow park about 30 miles from Walla Walla. We were all so excited, got Savvy some snow boots, two sleds we were ready. When we woke up this morning, sledding was the first thing out of the kids mouth.
There is no snow in town but after getting into Oregon I saw more snow than I have ever seen. We found the park and there were people there sledding, cross country skiing, and camping. Camping in the snow. C.R.A.Z.Y. The "mountain" for sledding was probably only 1/4 mile walk. But after dragging the kids, carrying Caleb and my camera (that died) and every step you take sinking into the snow up to your knee. I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe. I don't know the last time I have been that exhausted. Did I mention the elevation was 6000 feet? We went down the hill 4 times and headed back and will return when the kids are 10.

I kept on calling Savvy my snow baby. She loved it, like really loved it. She would just role in the snow and wanted to go down the big hill. We did it and totally crashed. She was yelling "yes, yes" and when I sat up she gave me a high five. She honestly is one of the funnest people I know.

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