Monday, January 16, 2012

Going away Party

Our last weekend in Memphis was emotional and wonderful. Our family was loved on in a way that could easily have been turned into reality TV. What we have in Memphis is unmovable.period. The love here cannot be touched by distance. My heart has overflowed with thanksgiving to God for our family and friends.
Saturday night we had a party at April's house. It was so much fun and overwhelming to tell everyone bye at the same time. I'm just going to post as many pics as I can
Michael had jokingly told mom he wanted a moose cake. My mom delivers and surprises!! We should have had a formal cutting of the Moose, no one cut into it

This was just one room of the food. Mom, Becky, April and Sandy all made the food
Michael's route
I love her
Friends since middle/high school. Really going to miss our supper club!

I have never seen this time on the mini-van

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