Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He works hard for the...

At birth Caleb was 20 1/2in. long and 6 lbs 14oz. Monday we took him to the Dr. and he weighs 7lbs and 6 oz!!!!! He gained 8 oz in a week just nursing! I told Michael on the day Caleb was born he was going to be a hard worker because he would nurse for 45 minutes straight never slowing down and keeping his eyes open. I really credit it to not getting any pain medicine during birth as to why he was has been so alert. The rest of the check up went great and I'm going to take him back again next Monday. Our pediatrician likes to see them at 5 days and two weeks.
Today is my first day alone all day with all 3 kids. It has been fantastic. Savvy got irritated that her breakfast was pushed back because I was feeding Caleb but other than that everyone has been very happy, and mommy is happy because nap time is coming...yay!!!
Here are some of the events of the day...
Cohen got stuck in the sink trying to see his green teeth from a Christmas tree cookie. He started yelling my name and this is how I found himSavvy thought that Flounder on Caleb's head made for a great hat.
And here are two fun ones from the last week.
On our way to the Dr.


  1. So sweet Ashley I love the one with the fish on the head. Thats great that he gained 8oz in a week.