Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caleb Ross

WARNING: This is going to be an incredibly long post with no details spared:)

First let me start by saying how much I am in awe of God. It absolutely amazes me that he cares about every single detail in our lives. He has blessed me throughout this pregnancy and birth with far more than I could ever deserve, dream, or hope for. Thank you God for your grace without you I am nothing.

Now on to the no details left behind story of how Caleb got here! I went to the Dr. on Monday, November 15th and was 4cm dilated. Dr. Neblett knew that Savvy was born on July 22nd and Cohen on October 22nd and that I really wanted this baby to come on November 22nd. So he told me it really would be risky to wait past next Monday and that if I had progressed any more he wanted to break my water. As soon as I left my heart felt so heavy. I was planning on having the baby natural and that meant not getting induced. After talking to family and prayer I called him on Wednesday and left a message telling him I didn't want to be induced. Thursday morning I woke up and had(warning gross detail;) bloody show ( I hate that word and I will just say show from now on). Dr. Neblett called back and I told him that we probably wouldn't even have to worry about the induction because what was going on. He asked me to come in on Friday. All Thursday morning I had back pain but nothing else. Friday I went to the Dr. again and I was an "easy" 4cm still. Saturday morning more "show" and contractions on and off all day. I woke up that night at 2 with contractions every 15-20 minutes and we decided to go to the hospital. I was 4 1/2 cm and never had another contraction!!! They sent me home and I was supposed to go to the Dr. on Monday. I rested all day Sunday, and had contractions sporadically. We went out to eat that night and I had two while we were eating. I drank 3 glasses of water and they stopped. At 10:40pm I had a contraction that felt a little stronger than the previous ones. I tried to go to sleep but they were coming every 20 minutes. As soon as midnight came, which would make it November 22nd, they became every 5-10 minutes. I woke Michael up at 12:30, took a shower, walked around and then headed to the hospital at 2:30. I was 5cm and she put me on the monitor. The monitor never picked up my contractions during the entire labor. I was in triage for a hour and I heard the nurse call the Dr., she told him I was there and that I was 5cm but wasn't contracting! I looked at Michael, cussed, and got so irritated. I was having contractions every 4-6 minutes by this point but because it wasn't picking up on the monitor she said I wasn't contracting. I had to get antibiotics and they started them at 5. Dr. Neblett came in and said that he would come back at 10 to break my water. It would take 5 hours to get the full dose of antibiotics in. So my contractions are still not picking up and the new nurse doesn't believe I'm in labor. I had to block her out and just focus on one contraction at a time. I laid down, stood up, sat up and went to pee over and over again. I guess that became my routine. During every contraction either Michael or Jessica would push as hard as they could on my back. It really didn't feel good but that is what we started out doing and I just wanted them to keep on doing it. At 9:30 the contractions got really intense and at 10 I started feeling pressure. I called the nurse in and she checked me and I was 9 1/2cm. I would have loved to have seen her face, because she still believed I wasn't really in active labor! I had about 2 more contractions and said I needed someone in again, I was fully dilated and they were going to call the Dr. He got there at 10:40 and by this point I have started, i think i only screamed twice but I don't think I have ever yelled that loud in my life! My water never broke so he broke it while I was pushing. I pushed with 4 contractions and out came precious Caleb! I heard Michael say "Its a boy" and the first thing I saw was him peeing!!!
The contractions were bearable to me but I'm not sure if I could ever handle pushing out another baby. I didn't like the position I was in, I didn't like the Dr. touching me, I didn't like the nurse telling me to stop breathing so I could push, plainly I didn't like anything about it. The entire 10 minutes of me pushing really felt like double the time I was in labor. BUT I am so glad we did it. I say we because I never could have done it with out my family and friends believing in me. This is something I have always wanted to do, and love that I was given the chance to do it and did it.
Caleb is absolutely precious and on my next blog I will tell all about him!


  1. I have been waiting to read all about this. I may be the only one that appreciates all of the details but I am so glad you posted all of it! Congrats to you and your natural delivery. So proud of you.

  2. I can't wait to meet the little fella! I hate I was out of town when you had him :( I love y'all and I'm so proud of you! You are an amazing woman, mom, wife, daughter, and friend! Love you so much!