Friday, February 26, 2010

Last minute vacation

Michael had to give a 30 day notice for leaving his current employer. They told him yesterday that he can leave after 3 weeks. So he will have a week off before he starts at the Corps.
So we want to take a vacation!!!!! Here are the 3 ideas we are throwing around right now

1. Hawaii!!!! what what! We have great friends who just moved there.
Pros: Won't have to pay for Hotel, get to see friends, and hello its Hawaii
Cons: Looking up flight tickets last night, the cheapest I could find was $1000 a ticket, we need 4 tickets.

2. Road trip out west
Pros: Always wanted to go, would get to see the redwoods, and could I talk Michael into taking me to Edwards stomping ground????
Cons: We would drive, the kids have always done great with road trips but this by far would be the longest.

3. Cruise
Pro: All inclusive, it will be warm
Cons: Have to get to New Orleans or Miami and that is going to be either long or expensive.

So what do you think? Or any new ideas????


  1. Well you better not go to Forks without me!!!!!!! That's all I'm saying :) ha! But honestly I think any of those would be amazing! If the expense to get down to New Orleans or Miami is cheaper than those plane tickets to Hawaii I think you should do that! You can take the train to New Orleans for 50 bucks there and 50 back!

  2. If it was just you and Michael, I would say Hawaii! But for all of yall, I think the cruise will be your best bet...what about a Disney Cruise? Anyway, I think it'll be nice to have something all inclusive and it really wouldnt cost that much just to drive to NO. It would probably be a lot cheaper than by the time you bought 4 tickets to Hawaii! But just price them all out and go from there! I'm so excited for yall!!!

  3. If you go to Forks I will be jealousss! Check out a Disney Cruise I hear they are very affordable.

  4. Well I'm sure I don't actually have to give my input here. :) But, I do think that you should do which ever works best for you right now. We'll be here for a while. We will have another opportunity I'm sure, and if not all of you than at least you and Savvy have to come eventually!!!! We miss you.