Sunday, November 1, 2009


Thursday at the kids preschool they had a Halloween parade, that never fails to make me tear up! I know it's ridiculous but something about seeing kids dressed up and so excited always brings out my quivering lip!

Saturday morning we took the kids to Shelby Forrest and walked the bicycle path. It was beautiful and the kids inherited Michael's love for the outdoors. That night we went to Uncle Tim's and Aunt Suzie's and had a bon fire and Aunt Suzie told a 'scary' story. It was a lot of fun. We left there and headed over to Michael's grandmothers and great aunts. Then home so the kids knocked on two doors for tricker treating...I was more upset about them not having more candy than they were


  1. they are so sweet Ash!!!! I love the pic of Savvy Bug looking over Michael's shoulder!!! How sweet! They were the best little trick-or-treaters :) I loved the costumes!

  2. Loved the costumes! Your kids are precious!