Sunday, November 22, 2009

Date night with Daddy and Mommy

We have decided that we are going to start a tradition to take Savvy out on a date for the Holidays every year! We started the night with Savvy and I getting ready together. I curled her hair for the first time (and was tearing up while I was doing it) and she loved it. She is so girly, she loves to watch me put on make up and do my hair. She talked me into letting her wear lipstick. We decided on a gloss, which looked FABULOUS, as she put it! Michael picked us up in the bedroom and we headed to J Alexanders. She chose a delicious hamburger. We then went to the Orpheum and saw Cirque Holidaze and it was wonderful! The costumes were gorgeous, there was singing and then all the acrobats of Cirque, it was right up her alley! We didn't get home until 11 and she was out! What a fantastic memory


  1. You guys do look FABULOUS!! (and what a shocker that you almost cried!?) haha

  2. What a sweet idea! Ya'll are beautiful!

  3. I love these pics!!! She is so precious!!! It looks like y'all had a great time!