Friday, June 10, 2016

Cohen's Hair

Cohen has been contemplating what he was going to do to his hair this year since he had the rat tail last year.  His beautiful creative mind somehow came up with the idea of having "boss"… yes boss, shaved into the side of his head.  I laughed so much at this.  Michael and oh my mom hated the idea.  I had to do some good searching to find someone courageous enough to shave this into his head.  He drew what he wanted (that's a lightening bolt at the end of boss) but our insanely talented hair dresser decided there wasn't enough room on his sweet little head.  It was hilarious and Cohen LOVED it and when he went to school it was everything he wanted it to be… I got emails from 2 different teachers, one mad at me that I cut "her samson's hair":)  oh I love my Cohen

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