Friday, January 1, 2016

Wedding Day

The day of the wedding was beautiful!  We headed over to Elizabeths early that morning to get our hair and makeup done!  Elizabeth and Savvy were picking out hair-do's

                               meanwhile Michael was getting the boys ready

They were so excited and then when it was time to start pictures Caleb and Norah wanted none of it.  Grammy worked some magic with Caleb and offered treats for taking pictures.  Norah there was no hope, we got 1 picture with her smiling.  There was a gorgeous flower crown made from orchids for her to wear and as soon as I put it on she threw it down…. she was an angry flower girl

After pictures were taken we all went up to wait for the ceremony to start… and … it started pouring bad.  We waited about 45 minutes and it was still raining so they decided to do the ceremony inside the reception tent.  While we were walking down to the tent it stopped raining and everyone got in place and we kept the ceremony outside.  When the boys walked down the club's dog chased after Caleb.  He likes us to retail the story and talk about how brave he was ;)  Then it was my turn to walk down and Norah didn't want me to leave so I carried her down with me and Savvy walked by herself and literally looked like an angel, she was so gorgeous.  The rain started back during the ceremony but it just made it even more perfect, most things didn't go as planned but it couldn't have been any more beautiful and romantic and personal… again it was just perfect 

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