Wednesday, March 4, 2015

His Vest and Chia Seeds

Our hand me down bag had this vest in it and it instantly became Caleb's new obsession.  He sleeps in it, it was worn everyday for the first week.  I love it, but it's already to tight… he's not going to give it up without a fight :)
Caleb just loves Indie
 She loves girly things but she has some heavy boy influence in her life that she is very receptive to.  Warrior princess all the way
 Caleb got a Chia pet for Christmas.  4 days after we prepped the pet, I found this in the bathroom sink. Caleb must have washed his hands and the seeds got stuck in the drain.  There isn't even a window in this bathroom, so this is really just  some kind of miracle.  I was able to pull them out and so far we have had no more Chia bathroom growth
                                         Do you think I love her

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