Thursday, January 9, 2014


We went back home for 10 days over Christmas and it was wonderful and exhausting!  So many people we want to see and things to do we just don't stop while we are there and worn out by the time we leave.  Lets throw in throwing up, stomach bug, ER visit for vertigo and kidney stones, migraine during those 10 days.... We've all been asleep by 8:30 since we've been back :)  But even with all that it is so good to go back home
I know I've said it before but the kids are such great travelers and this year we might have had the best captain ever.  He let Savvy and Cohen pretend to be Co-pilots before we took off

We were at dad's on Christmas and had a sweet morning.  Santa brought a karaoke machine, BB gun, kitchen and exersaucer.  Everyone was super excited

Mom let us borrow her BRAND new car while we were in town.  On Christmas day Michael backed into his cousins car...bummer bummer bummer.

We got delayed at the Memphis airport for over 3 hours.  The kids had me belly laughing riding these things.  We searched the airport to see how many we could find.  After several rides got a little crazy.  What's even funnier was that Caleb is sitting on it right behind me the whole time while Savvy and Cohen were dancing and rolling around in front of me.
                                                           Then we cleaned shoes
Then jackpot!  We made it on the plane.  We made our connection literally by the skin of our teeth!  I sure do love Christmas and love our family and loved being back at home.

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