Monday, September 2, 2013

The Fair

 I told Michael that  us being a single income family of 6 has turned us back into college kids.  Anytime I hear or see something that says "FREE", you can bet your money the Clay clan will be there, and if there is food...yes we will be there :)  The fair came this week and Wednesday was get in free till 3.  So I woke Caleb up from his nap and we walked through the gates at 2:50!

 Savvy has been saving her money all year for a wrist band.  We told her that if she saves half we will pay the other half.  She LOVES rides, she rode so many that when we were leaving she had to sit in the stroller because she was feeling sick (and white as a ghost).  I think she would go all day if I let her. We were in the kids section first and she was too tall for 2 of the rides... she didn't approve :)
 Then Cohen, my cautious Cohen, he doesn't like fast rides and has always been fine to pass them up and watch with me.  Well he decided he wanted to ride the dragon, and went and sat in the very front.  Honestly I was scared, I thought he is going to hate it and I could imagine his little terrified face.  After they went around the first corner, he was smiling and then that boy put his hands up in the air for the rest of the ride.  I went crazy and was running around getting his picture, waving as big as I could and trying to hold it together because I was completely getting choked up.

Norah slept most of the day and Caleb loved the animals, it was magical.  It was a perfect day and the kids are just so much fun.

And then I'm ending this post with the most disturbing carrot I have ever seen.  I don't even know how to caption it.  I wanted to throw it away because honestly can a carrot grow that big without some type of miracle grow substance on it...but I wasn't fast enough and Caleb thought it was the coolest carrot sword ever.  If he grows to be 7ft tall and has a hint of orange to his complexion we will know why

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