Monday, December 5, 2011

He's 1

My baby is one!! I can't believe it, not because time has flown by, but that I feel like he has been with us for much longer than a year. He has brought so much joy to everyone. I love everything about him, but my favorite might be how dramatic he is (he gets this from me). When he sees something he likes he gives a ooooohhhhh, when he sees something he wants to eat he screams, and when something is funny...oh his laugh! My Caleb Ross, Happy Birthday!

The kids and I were craving chick'fil'a for lunch so we decided for Caleb's 1st birthday he needed to be introduced to the deliciousness of the chicken nugget. He was in love
Then we had our parents and siblings over that night for white chili and cake

I LOVE his cake. Mom had a really hard time with it, the stripes were supposed to be yellow and red. But the red turned out pink, so we tried to put blue stripes over the pink. I go by the philosophy, it's what on the inside that counts. And the inside was perfect!

The party was so much fun filled with love love love for our baby monkey

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