Sunday, July 3, 2011


After we left Atlanta we met our youth group in Destin for 5 days. We split a condo with one of our favorite families and had, between us, 5 children running around like crazy. It was loud, messy and absolutely wonderful!

Cohen was able to nap while we were driving in the car. Savvy and Cohen don't nap anymore at home, so in some off chance they fall asleep, I can't wait to scoop them up. I LOVE holding them when they are sleeping. I love how heavy they feel in my arms and how innocent their little faces are. I wonder if that ever goes away or if it's just part of being a mom
Caleb had his two bottom teeth come in this week, if you look really close you can see them

This is Savvy's favorite "teenager". She is so precious and my kids love, love, love her!

Our only family picture, I think Savvy and Caleb are having the best time

Sweet Addy...AKA Cohen's girlfriend
I think he liked the doughnuts

Cohen had a melt down one night because I forgot socks, Michael offered his and problem solved! I think this will soon be a new trend

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