Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dr. Appointment

We went and saw the Dr. yesterday for our monthly checkup and it went fantastic. I'm seeing Dr. Neblett who really was wonderful, anyone who knows him loves him and now I know why. We were able to get an ultrasound and Michael and I couldn't believe how developed the turkey is. The heart beat was 148 and the baby moved during the ultrasound. The baby put her(we still don't know) foot up and I'm not lying it looks just like Cohens foot. When I told Michael he was thinking the exact thing! I really have a feeling its a girl but that little foot has cracked my confidence in that, now I don't' know!!!! I love surprises!!!!!

oh and a sweet side note, Cohen has started calling Savannah, Vannah.....I love it, no one has ever called her that and I love it! She will always be my Savvy, but she is Cohens Vannah!


  1. How precious! Love that little turkey!!

  2. So sweet! I have been seeing Dr Neblett for about 6 years. He treated me during both my pregnancies and delivered both my boys! He is awesome and I love him! I'm sure you will too!